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To all our existing patients and
prospective patients!

Covid -19 and dentistry!

What we have done to make your visit to our practice Covid-19 safe

First of all on behalf of the Highgate Dental Practice team I would like to thank each one of you for the support we have received during this Corona virus crisis. It has been wonderful to experience the trust and support during this difficult period. When we opened our doors on the 10th of June our patients were happy to return and there was very little need for us to re-assure or explain. Everyone just said they trust us and were happy to come to the practice.

I have decided to provide the information on what we have done at the practice as we head into our winter flu season to re-assure you that not only the Highgate Dental Practice but every institution and business is doing everything they can to fight this Covid-19 crisis. If we all work together I know we will succeed and come though this together as a stronger and more compassionate and caring society. We have been fortunate to receive the warmest reception by our loyal patients. The measures I have implemented that go far beyond the minimum requirements set out by the dental authorities is in a way thanking you for your loyalty. I embarked on this “war” against the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that every one of our patients can continue to receive top quality care in an extremely safe environment.

We started preparing in January when the crisis started confined to China Wuhan. We built up a significant reserve of PPE and we started hand hygiene protocols for everyone entering the building. At one stage we had over a hundred litres of hand sanitation gel in storage. Thankfully we only had a handful of emergencies to deal with and none of our loyal patients had to resort to DIY dentistry which seems to have become commonplace.

It has been a journey for us and I have done a lot of research, spoken to colleagues all over the world and with all the information, we have created a safe and clean dental treatment environment. I invested in equipment and PPE that I thought would reduce the risk to our patients and staff. We were given guidelines by the FGDP and various dental bodies but I went beyond the requirements.

Sadly social distancing, mask wearing, hand sanitation reminders now slightly ruin the Georgian elegance of our dental practice.

Masks and hand sanitation to reduce Covid-19 transmission

There are ten hand sanitation stations and all staff and patients are kindly asked to wear a mask or face covering when they attend for work or treatment.

Thermometers to check for Covid-19 symptoms

Four thermometers to take your temperature have been fitted at different heights in the hallway and protective screens have been installed in the reception office and the waiting room to create a socially distanced environment for staff and patients.

UVMATIC Ultra Violet Light Systems – Redefining Infection Control and to reduce airborne Corona Virus

UV light filters developed by General Medical for hospital operating theatres have been installed in all the rooms including the hallways to constantly clean the air. Airborne viruses and bacteria pass through an Ultra Violet light tube where they are destroyed. The clean air is then expelled!

Hepa Filters to remove the Aerosols that carry the Corona Virus:

Hepa Filtration Units by Dental Air have been installed by each dental chair to remove the aerosols created during AGP’s (Aerosol Generating Procedures). The aerosols are passed through several filters to remove airborne Corona Virus particles

Negative Room Pressure

One of the FGDP guidelines stipulated that there should be good airflow and if possible negative room pressure with the use of extractor fans.Extractor fans have been installed in all the treatment rooms to achieve negative room pressure. The extractor fans clear the air every eight minutes. The glove is being “extracted” by the powerful fan.

From the moment you arrive you will be guided by our friendly staff and gently reminded to follow our Covid-19 protocols. But more importantly before your arrive you will be screened to determine if it is suitable for you to visit. You will answer a number of questions and if we are satisfied the receptionists will book an appointment for you.

Many practices have implemented PPE Covid charges in addition to the usual dental fees. Right from the start I made the decision that The Highgate Dental Practice would absorb the Covid costs. It is in a way to thank you all for your loyalty over the years and also now during this crisis. As I feel that this crisis will eventually pass we will continue to absorb the additional costs.

All we ask is for everyone to follow the guidelines and to please wear a mask when visiting (I have discovered it does wonders for my double chin!) If you forget your mask please ask us and we will provide you with one.

At the beginning of the crisis my punchline to you all was “see you on the other side”! Well I suppose we are not on the other side yet but I know we will get through this together.

Patient Journey and SOP’s – Please see attached the Highgate Dental Practice Patient Journey and our Standard Operating Procedure for your perusal.

Many thanks
From Dr Hagen and The Highgate Dental Practice Team


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